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a seriously unique, non-profitable, charity Organization.

Indeed miraculous are we!

System reset.

Cool down!

Music on the balconies!!

This is how the future works.

KONNEXION BALKON means always something thorough for the ears! An excellent performance, charming entertainment enriched with witty and freaky side kicks, thanks to our extremely dedicated audience.

KONNEXION BALKON are a group of professionally well trained classical musicians, Jazz musicians and non qualified musicians. We are all fanatical lovers of classical,jazz, pop, rock and folk music. Indeed a Potpourri of nationalities and newly sampled compositions.

We are legally self-employed, freelance musicians.

KONNEXION BALKON…how it all began…When you’re a Student and broke you are sometimes struck with the best ideas. That’s when creativity sets in. Indeed this happened to us and voilà! we hit the streets! No more waiting, anticipating, agents, calls, waiting again… We were young, crazy and had success with it. Today we are a little less younger, a little less crazier, bit still completely successful with it.

Of course there are good times and bad times, but such is life.

However we are serious musicians, who choose the streets as our stage, not because we have to but because we want to be close to YOU, our audience


KONNEXION BALKON established in 1999 has in recent years made its name as Munich’s most famous Classic-Pop-Mashup Theatre!!

I am having trouble in defining KONNEXION BALKON properly” says Igor and adds ” a geographical realm of our music is diffuse and disperse…. one could say continental European perhaps……aiming to feel and bring to the audience all this melancholy, with some crazy beats kicking in.”

We do not need colourful pills, that comes naturally to us.

We are an enviromental versatile friendly Band, who doesn’t compose anything new, but rather improves that which is already available. ” Musical cycling”!!

Free art in its own sense…..borrowed and replayed exquisitely for everyone, even for those who are completely convinced of one style only. Yes even for you we have something in store!

We are so to speak free art, enabling everyone to enjoy the luxury of our music.

And our Motto is Pay what you want ,when you want and how you want!

We have to admit the more the better!

So if you stop by and your shoppingbags are full but your pockets are empty after having shopped -to-you -drop, no worries! Just donate by clicking and you’ll make several musicians very happy!

Thank you.

And now Ladies and Gentelmen, dear kids and animals…something completely different ….